Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunshine and Sand

Today was an outside kinda day. It's been 95 and hotter here, so today's balmy 89 seemed like a refreshing break. Iain celebrated by popping outside for a spot of play in the sandbox. Note the hat. It belongs to Charles.

In other news, we have reached full-on toddler mode: selfish and demanding at all times. Iain now knows about movies, ice cream, and chocolate. He wants all three, all the time. And NOW! So we spend a lot of time saying, "But were you a good boy? No. So no movie." "Mommy said you could have ice cream if you ate your supper. Did you eat your supper? No. So no ice cream." etc.

1 comment:

Jania said...

It's all right, Precious boy. Grandmother is on the way.