Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sorry for missing my post yesterday. We left for Pie-n-Beer day at K&M's, and when we got back I forced our resident computer scientist to work with Charles on my new Apple laptop. It's ridiculous how hard they make it to transfer your iPod from a PC to a new Mac. Ridiculous.

Anyway, thanks Rob! Thanks, as always, to Charles.

While we partied and celebrated the Utah pioneer experience (read all about it), Iain played with his bestie Chloe. I don't know what they did, but it left Iain HUNGRY. Check out his brekkie this morning (above). He at all of that. All of it. ALL. OF. IT.

He's going to be 7 feet tall, y'all. And it will be The Dodo's fault.

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Lawrence said...

He ate ALL THAT?!? Iain's not a kid -- he's a moose!

On another note, I spent all of Pioneer Day reflecting on Utah's pious pioneer heritage . . . in Amsterdam. Ahahahahaha!!!

That is all.