Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have no idea what that means. But Bart and Tony used it to describe us last winter. We just couldn't shake a series of colds, sinus infections, and other ailments.

Well - we're back! No, not really. Mostly, we've been admirably well here. But today was an exception. I have a cold, Charles had a killer migraine, and only Iain was functional (he's got diaper rash, but I'm not sure that counts as lurgy. Boys?).

The plus side? The silver lining? The pot of gold at the end of our poo rainbow?

It's sunny and beautiful, with mountains in the distance and no humidity. Yay, Utah!

[EDIT: Lurgy = cooties. Or the common cold, depending on whom you believe. But I still don't think diaper rash qualifies.]

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bugboys69 said...

I think it can be used universally. Nappy rash sounds Lurgy to me.

I have the cold to. Feel better the lot of you xxx