Saturday, July 17, 2010


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I finally picked a lunchbox. It's the small one in the middle, two tiers with a little silver box for "dressing." Uh, no. I think that'll be for berries or peanut M&Ms, because Mommy wants a nice sealed lid for her dressing.

But in any case- Yay! I've been browsing bento boxes for months, trying to decide whether I would really be happy with a small box. Normally, I like to take a big salad for lunch (with things like cheese and crackers and a lot of fruit to go with it). Bento boxes just don't really accommodate that. Even the nifty little boxes made by laptop lunches aren't really suited to a whopping salad. They're perfect for my Frances lunches (a hard boiled egg and some grapes and a cream cheese and jam sandwich and a peanut butter and honey sandwich and come cheese cubes and carrots with ranch dressing and blueberries and a cookie "and some other things, I forget."), but not for salad.

All along, I considered a tiffin, but the ones on Amazon were huge (HUGE!) so that was a turnoff.

But tonight, on a rush trip to Whole Foods (to acquire fruit for tomorrow's brunch at KP's - I got strawberries and blackberries and golden kiwi), there were tiffins. Lovely, bottom-heavy tiffins. With a nice seal and no plastic and a handle and made of stainless steel so if I drop them it's no worries, mate.

Yay! Now that I have my lunchbox, I think I'm ready for school.


Jania said...

Everyone needs a new lunchbox for school. That's the rule.

bugboys69 said...

I like it by the way v cool.

bugboys69 said...

Isn't that a tiffin box?

bugboys69 said...

sorry missed that bit. I'll get my coat.

Megan said...

Ricky says it is a tiffin (he used to use a very similar thing when he was in India, and they're quite popular over there).

Very cute, regardless of what it's called!