Friday, July 02, 2010

The Moose Likes Trucks

Brekkie! And please note how I like to eat my cereal.

First, I drink the milk. Then I begin moving the cinnamon oatmeal squares (thanks for turning me on to that, Callie, you're the best) onto and off of my flatbed truck/train. Then I carefully select one oatmeal square at a time and eat it.

That last bit is important, because it helps me drive my parents crazy. See, I take about 4 hours with my Cereal Process. They keep coming in, saying, "Are you all done?" That's the moment! Eat one square and say, "No!NO!NO!!!"

Do not eat another square until they come back and ask again. If they start checking the clock and talking about being late, you're doing it right.

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