Monday, July 05, 2010

Did I Mention the TV?

When we left Lexington, we left behind our TVs. They were old. Really, really old.

And because they were old, they were huge. Think flat screen. Now cast your mind back to before flat screens, when a large TV occupied about as much space as a medium-sized refrigerator. Yeah.

They worked just fine, so we never replaced them. But it seemed silly to haul them across the country when we wanted new ones anyway. So we gave them away. And when we got here, we bought the first of two new TVs:

The plan, though, was to have 2 sets. One upstairs, where we could watch movies in bed (useful when sick and cuddly in the winter), and one downstairs in the den.

But with all the money we were spending (on the furnace, on camp, on next year's daycare, at IKEA...) it seemed profligate to buy the second screen right away. So we waited.

And two weeks ago, Charles said, "I ordered the other TV." Oh, ok. I assumed it would be just like the one we already had.

Then, out for a walk, he happened to mention the price. Nearly double the first one. Huh. That's funny. Well, I thought, maybe it's nicer. Or maybe we got a deal on the first but not on the second.


It's twice as big.


Miriam said...

Nice...... Maybe C's eyes are getting worse and he needs the larger screen to read the subtitles on the movies.

Lawrence said...


Bart said...

Well, it's a start. ;¬)

And amongst the many plusses: life-sized muppets.