Friday, July 16, 2010

Exchange Rates

See that outfit? See it? Guess how much it cost. No, I know that's tacky. Do it anyway.

Try about $100. You're all, "Wha???" I know. But here's how that happened:

Last summer we flew to England to see our friends Bart and Tony celebrate their union and to participate in the extravaganza that was Miriam's nuptials. It was two weeks of ankle-twisting fun. Just ask Bart.

Anyway, in the airport on the way home, Iain decided that Terminal 5 was totally puke-worthy. So he horked on Mommy's shoulder and all over his outfit. He needed a new outfit. Amazingly Organized Parents did not have an emergency outfit. We were tired, ok?

Off went Daddy to find something in the shopping mecca that includes Harrod's and a record shop and a Hermes and god only knows what else. Perfume? Sure. Diamonds? Yes! Baby clothes? No.

Except at a souvenir shop, the absolute most touristy crap-ola shop. There, he found toddler-sized soccer uniforms: either Chelsea or Manchester United. Man U is a red team, and Charles is not a fan of red. So it was Chelsea. The outfit was something like 40 pounds, which at the exchange rate then was about $100. No joke. But Charles is a devoted dad (and probably couldn't imagine flying 7 hours with Puke Baby and his fumes) so he snapped that up.

It was huge on Iain, but did the job. And in the end it's turned out to be a not-so-bad purchase after all. Because, as you can see, the tyke is still wearing it a year later. And he could probably wear it for the rest of the summer. So on a per-day basis, that's only about 25 cents a day. A bargain!

In other news, Iain has learned to use a sprinkler.

It's been hot. In the 90s by the late afternoon (102 today!). So on Tuesday when we dined at KP's, she brought out her little yard sprinkler for him to play. And he liked it. Last night we tried again (yes, we ate at KP's twice in one week. And we're having brunch with her tomorrow and Sunday) and he liked it even more.

Of course, he pretends not to like it. He runs out of the water saying "no, no no!" and then declares, "I do not like IT!" Pause. Beat. "Do it again!" He even stood over the spray last night, experimenting with the water. Hold your hand this way - it moves in that direction. Move your hands and you can spray Daddy in the face!

Good times.


Bart said...

Had you chosen Man U over Chelsea, Tony would never have forgiven you. :¬)

Miriam said...

Same with Andrew, Will's brother...