Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's so fun to learn about new places. And new insects. Especially when there are two local spiders that look nearly identical except that one is harmless and the other is extremely venomous. Yay!

We think this one (and I say "we think" after a period of intense study, comparison, insecticidal rage, and vacuuming) is a funnel web grass spider (harmless) not a hobo spider (yikes!).

In any event, it's dead.


bugboys69 said...

You should come and live here. The most dangerous thing in our house is trying yo feed Kira KFC popcorn chicken without loosing a finger.

I hate spiders.

bugboys69 said...

She loves her some KFC I mean loves her some KFC. Greedy girl!

Lawrence said...

Yuck! Kill them all and let God sort it out. That's what I say anyway.

Did it have two little pom-pom looking things in front? If so, it's a male hobo, which is the kind likely to show up inside. If not, probably not. Also, they don't usually show up in houses until fall -- Sept. or early Oct., when the males go on the hunt for girlfriends. Who will eat them. I effing hate spiders.