Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy Days

Last night, Iain enjoyed the singular attentions of a new babysitter while Charles and I helped KP celebrate her birthday. We provided 2/14ths of the party, of course, because many people wanted to join in the celebration of that event.

Anyway, sated with wine, song, and bawdy talk, we returned to rest up for today. Charles began with an early-morning hike in the mountains, while Iain tormented Mommy with 2-year-old personality traits (like screaming). Then we all hung out for a while watching Pingu:

In the afternoon, though, another social event called. It was Meg's first birthday, so off we went, gift in hand, to help her celebrate. Afterward, Iain pronounced it a "Good Party!" and no surprise: Meg's grandparents' house has a full-sized pirate ship in the backyard. With a steering wheel. And a fireman's pole. And a kid-sized tractor. And a backhoe (not kidding). And a jackhammer that makes noises. And swings. And a kiddie pool. And they had chocolate cake and ice cream and fruit kabobs.

Good Party!

We came back, ate dinner, went for a walk (cake, you know), and now Mom and Dad are going to watch some Last Exile.


Jania said...

I like Pingu. Presuming that is Japanese, good too for Iain to hear it and make it part of his cognitive factory.

Fiona said...

The introductory script is either Japanese or Chinese, but Pingu was apparently Swiss in origin. They made the language sound universal so it could be played for all kids.

Who knew the Swiss were so interested in Penguins? Of course, delivering the mail accurately and on time? That sounds Swiss.