Friday, March 20, 2009

Eatings! Oops - I mean Outings

Last night, I had dinner with my Number 1 Girlfriend: Callie. For me, it was a night of discovery. Pancakes! Green Beans! Corn Oysters! Mac-n-Cheese!

For Callie, it was no less a night of firsts. Or at least, a night to unleash the inner glutton. Above, she learns that there are 2 rules of bacon:
1. Everything tastes better with bacon.
2. You can never have too much bacon.
[Technically, the First Rule of Bacon is: we don't talk about Bacon.]

Although it's cold today, this promises (at last!) (no, really, this time it's for real!) (seriously, it better be) to be the last gasp of winter. Spring made an appearance earlier this week and I replied by stripping off my socks and embracing the Naked Stroll. Worship my toes. Do it. Do. It.

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