Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Maddie's Taxi Service: On Time, Every Time

Honestly, you know I think drivers in this town don't know what they're doin'. I mean, when I learned to drive they told you: "pass on the left, signal before you change lanes." Stuff like that.

But these days...Kids. I dunno. Seems like they don't care about nobody but themselfs.

Ok, that'll be $12.50. You need help wit' your luggage?


chris bray said...

Because the thing is, dude, I can totally picture her as an old lady, looking over her shoulder as she changes lanes. Her head just poking up over the steering wheel.

She'll be driving over to the old folks' home, to visit her mom and dad. Who will be older than the hills, but too stubborn to die. And her dad'll be all, like, "did you bring any booze?"

Heather said...

LOL too funny.

Fiona said...

Dude - when are we going to be old? That's, like, crazy dude. Cray-zee.

You do what you want. I'm not planning to get old. I'm going to be like Madonna. Oh...wait...