Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love the smell of Dog in the morning...

Poor Charles. This morning he and Iain hopped in the Jeep (read: beater car) to fetch our dogs from the "kennel." And by kennel I mean plush dog hotel on 5 acres where they run around with other canines and try to cake on enough mud to break world dog weight records.

So Charles loaded the pups into the back, then tossed their blankets (neatly folded!) into the backseat next to Iain. On top of Iain's diaper bag. Only at home did he discover that said blankets were...moist. As in puddles of water. Or not water, as the case may be.


Remove blankets. Remove baby. Febreze entire Jeep. Empty, rinse, and hang diaper bag to dry. Carefully tote blankets upstairs (drip, drip) to wash in bleach. Mop. Pronounce a curse on the young man who folded those blankets. Yeah, verily: a curse on him and his house forever.


Miriam said...

WELCOME HOME!! You know it is punishment from Juno for leaving her again.... do you hate her or something?

bugboys69 said...

Charles I feel your pain. Nothing like clering up dog pee first thing in the mornig, or at any time for that matter.