Thursday, March 05, 2009

Old Tricks...New Tricks

Old Trick: Reaching for Miriam's cross-stitched Beatrix Potter characters while getting his diaper changed.

New Trick: Reaching down and undoing his diaper while I'm getting him a onesie to wear. Whee! Nakedness!!

Old Trick: Crawling in the bath.

New Trick: Pulling up on the side of the bathtub and standing there, howling with rage after someone has tinkered with The Sacred Bath. [example: drain out water because there are suspicious floating items, re-run bath. example 2: remove splinter-y anchor of wooden boat toy from baby's mouth (twice).]

Old Trick: Putting food into his own mouth.

New Trick: Removing food from his mouth, examining it, and then dropping it over the side of the high-chair and leaning out to see if Juno liked it better.

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