Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunomono with pictures

Hey, Mom. Whatcha doin'? Is it eatable?

We had sunomono again last night. So I took some pictures to show how easy it really is. Above, cucumber and daikon all sliced up, salted and sitting in a sieve sucking up salt and draining out water.

After the veg sat for a while, I rinsed it and shook it off and then mixed 2 tablespoons of sugar into 5 tablespoons of Japanese vinegar.

The whole process is really enhanced if you can arrange for a (rather nutty) nearly-11-month-old to sit in his highchair next to you and scream his head off. Not angry screaming, mostly just "I HAVE A VOICE, WANNA HEAR IT??? OOOOO KKKKKAAAYYY!!"

So anyway, mix the vinegar and sugar till the sugar dissolves, then pour it over the veg and toss.

Cover with plastic wrap, and pop it into your fridge.

Take a moment to contemplate the fact that your fridge is full of small plastic containers. Also, for those who have never seen it whole, that white vegetable is a whole daikon. You see what I meant about not being small. Also, what's underneath is more cucumber. I think we're going to be eating a lot of sunomono in the next week.

Easy, no? And very tasty. I'm so ready for spring that anything crunchy, sharp, and cold tastes really good. Today is the last of the rain and chill for a few days, with 70 degrees and sun on the way. No one could be more grateful than me. Except maybe Charles. Or Boris.


Jania said...

Hey Snooks,
That may be an all time favorite blog post. Especially the commentary on Iain's commentary and the fridge photo. Possibly the little plastic and or glass container schtick is hereditary...
Wouldn't it be fun if your fellow bloggers posted photos of their fridge contents? (Yes, as a matter of fact, I do find it soothing to look at kitchen and pantry photos online.)

Baby D said...

Hi Fiona! I love all your food posts. They are very inspiring and totally make me want to try new things in the kitchen.
Also, thank you for the thoughtful gift. I can tell that you also love artistic children's books. The illustrations are just gorgeous. You are sweet.

On a random note, have you ever tried a Beaba babycooker? (It's basically a steamer and a processor all in one, I figure it will be ALOT easier to clean) I have one and can't wait to try some of your baby recipes.
Have a great day!