Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Step at a Time

Charles's little lime tree is bursting with readiness, blooms about to pop all over. This one is a bit early to the party, though.

Here's my blueberry bush. There are four, each planted at a corner of my raised bed. Initially, I was planning to put them under the junipers, but the soil there is Just So Bad that I decided not to risk it. So they are the perennial anchors of my bed.

Same plant, but as you can see it has good camouflage. That's because it's so teensy.

In other news, Iain and I put together two bamboo trellises for the peas/beans I'm planting, and we moved the tomato cages out. I say "we" because Iain was strapped to my chest since he refused to nap and I thought, "Oh, I'll test out the Moby wrap and see if he can still use it." Um...not so much. He weighs a ton (22lbs or so) and it began to sag something awful.

BUT, it was fun while it lasted. Together, we planted the blueberries, put up the trellises (Iain helpfully grabbed the twine), and then pushed in the tomato cages. You can see the finished product below:

Tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll be sowing sugar snap and snow peas. They should grow up the trellis and provide some early-season veggies. Tomatoes and a bell pepper plant will go into the cages in the middle of the bed (directly under the path of the sun as it tracks east to west). Herbs and garlic will go 'round the edges.

Our farmer's market starts April 11, so my plan is to go buy herbs, tomatoes, etc. I was going to grow them from seed, but. But. I ordered my seeds about a month ago, and they still have not arrived. So I'll plant a few (the bell pepper, for instance), but buy the rest. Because at this point it's too late. Boo, hiss.

But Stark Brothers sent me a "free gift" with my fruit trees, and it turned out to be a little packet of lily bulbs. So I tossed those into the bed for color. Add herbs, veggie plants, and some mulch and it'll be parfait!

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SarahHub said...

Oh, you guys are so living in Paradise!