Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'd show you a picture, but we eated it.

In Japanese restaurants, especially sushi joints, they often serve a lovely little cup of cucumber salad before your meal. It's cold, it's tangy, it's yumyumyum.

We now know how to make this. And it's easy. And it's tasty. And you don't need much stuff. And it takes 20 minutes. And there are maybe 40 calories in the whole thing. Whee!

1 small daikon*
1 small cucumber**
5Tbsp rice vinegar (we use Japanese unseasoned rice vinegar, sometimes labeled as sushi vinegar)
2Tbsp sugar
some salt

- peel and slice the veg. I peel with a peeler and then use my mandoline. I think you could also use the veg peeler to make long strips. Or just use your chef's knife.

- salt the veg and let it sit in a colander for 5-10 minutes. The longer it sits, the saltier it will be. I think 10 minutes is better.

- Rinse, drain, shake it off a bit. Pour into a bowl.

- Mix the vinegar and sugar, stir it around, and pour it over the veg, tossing the mixture a little to get it all in there.

- Refrigerate 15 minutes at least, and serve cold.

*I think this is a hilarious instruction, since daikon are not small. I bought a regular one (about 16 inches long, about 3 inches in diameter) and cut off 5 inches worth each time I made this. The one I bought, thus, made 3 preparations of sunomono. And it cost like $1.

**I think the dish tastes better with a 2-1 ratio of cucumber to daikon. So I used more like one large cucumber and 5 inches of daikon. I also like to slice the cuke into rounds and make the daikon into matchsticks, but I'm nuts like that. You do what you want.


Miriam said...

ohhhhhh delicious....

Heather said...

Sounds delish. You should be glad I do not live close. I would probably bother you all the time with "homework questions."


Bart said...

I had to look up 'daikon' I'm not familiar with that one.

Fiona said...


Glad you think so, because I figure this will be an easy thing to make this summer to feed the hordes.

H: That's what email's for! I think we should recruit a nice pediatrician and then we can ask her questions, too. We could build a network of ladies and be like a gang...when you're a jet you're a jet...

Fiona said...

Daikon's a huge radish, but milder than the red kind. I bet you guys can get mild radishes of some other sort and use that, if not daikon. It's got the texture of jicama, though - crunchy and juicy.

Once, on television, I saw a Japanese chef use his flat knife to carve sheets of paper-thin daikon off the root. It was crazy.