Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Yes, Thanksforasking

Hey John! In fact, it is snowing here. But that's ok. I'm not bitter that you're in SoCal where it's 60 degrees and sunny.

Not. Bitter. At. All.

[btw, I went over to your house and opened all the windows and doors. I put a sign in the yard that said, "Gone to California - please help yourself to my stuff." See you when you get back!]


Heather said...

Have fun with your snow. We have rain and mud.


Fiona said...

Ugh, sorry. What makes me sad is that all our trees were bursting into leaf - this could destroy spring pretty well. I'm not sure it's really cold enough to kill the spring fruit (we lost the peaches 2 years ago to a late frost), but it's not great.

Also, the forecast calls for overcast and cold for us (and probably you) until Tuesday!! That's just no fun.