Friday, March 20, 2009

Setting an Example

Dave (our favorite gardening person) dropped by unexpectedly tonight, bringing a truckload of dirt for my new raised bed. It's a good thing I spent Iain's afternoon nap putting it (mostly) together. Note: I am not good with a drill.

So Dave appeared while dinner was cooking, and he and I dug out the grass where the bed sits. I don't know why you have to do this, but all the books recommend it, so we did it. Meanwhile, it was supper time for Iain. Charles fed him spinach and carrots, then prepared a lovely dessert tray. It contained chopped pear pieces and - for decoration or later use - an entire half of a pear, peeled.

Iain munched away, piece by piece, enjoying his juicy pear. Nom, nom, nom. When I came back in he was nearly done, and experiencing some frustration as he chased the smaller, flatter pieces around the plate with his chubby little fingers.

I scooped up the pear half and took a big bite. Iain watched. Charles laughed. I set the rest down, and Iain immediatly grabbed it.

Next step? CHOMP!


He ate it. The whole thing. On top of his bottle, his dinner, and the other half of the pear. Charles and I watched in fascinated horror. Toward the end I said, "If he starts munching on that plate, we're doomed."

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