Monday, March 30, 2009


Home at last.

Unlike last Wednesday, this trip was fairly smooth. Iain screamed his head off for about half an hour, then fell asleep on my lap and slept for a good hour plus (maybe an hour and a half. I was too busy watching Daniel Craig whack people and wondering whether there would be a naked scene like in the last Bond film. I guess, even if there was one, they wouldn't show it on an airplane. But there was plenty of jumping and blowing up and shooting and secret-revealing, so I don't mind.).

After that nap, he sailed through the layover in Chicago and the flight down to Lexington. Easy peasy, as Jamie Oliver says.

Now to unpack, catch up, and generally try to restore our sense of equilibrium. All would be easier if I had not adjusted to west coast time. Oh, and if I didn't have to teach tomorrow morning. But no worries - I actually missed my students. Getting up at 6, though: that I did not miss.

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Momma said...

going on vacation is so fuN!!! but getting back into the swing of things with your child is not. good luck!!! I now understand why my mom liked to stay home when we were little. :)