Monday, March 09, 2009

Grumpy McStinkyPants

Iain is having a rather grouchy week.

Last week, he had two meltdowns in the bath. First, it was Daddy draining out dirty water and re-running the bath. Then it was the toy boat. We chalked it up to his being angry at specific violations of his wishes. Nope.

He seems to have rejected the idea of bathing. Last night, as soon as we plopped him into the bath, he started screaming and trying (pretty successfully) to climb out. This morning, I tried the shower. More screaming.

So bathtime is over. Ov.Er.

Meals are so five minutes ago, too.

Last week Iain couldn't get enough to eat. He gorged like a squirrel building up brown fat for winter.

Starting about 3 days ago, that was over, too. Now, he's hardly interested in the bottle, and mostly turns away solid food. Tonight, he only ate some butternut squash and carrots (loving hand made by moi) when I fed it to him on my finger.

Seriously? This week is shaping up a little nutty.


Miriam said...

And he isn't even 2.... you are in for a treat.

Jania said...

Sorry, but he obviously misses his grandmother soooo much (as I miss him)that food and personal hygiene is a pale shadow.

OK. Seriously. Maybe teething and some other developmental changes are trumping.

Momma said...

how weird about the bath. I hope he gets out of his funk soon! grumpy babies are no fun.

Grumpy Groom said...

Bath time makes me grumpy too. And I'm going on 40! :)