Monday, March 09, 2009


Ok, in my fruitless quest to keep up with Miriam and Will, I've just ordered more garden stuff.

First, I ordered trays and humidity domes to plant seeds. That ran about $18.

Then, I ordered seeds. First, a kind of haricot vert, which Charles likes a lot. Second, sugar snap peas, which I love. Third, two kinds of cherry tomatoes (Golden Gem and Red Currant). In order to save on shipping, I got those from the same company as the trays (Park Seed). So I'll pay $5 for shipping on an order of $28. That seems reasonable to me.

I tried to order some other stuff, but found that it was silly to pay shipping of $6.95 on an order of $11.95 (I'm looking at you, Burpee). So I'll see what I can buy at the Farmer's Market and at Lowe's and fill the rest of my beds with herbs and whatnot. I'm thinking I'll buy a bell pepper plant and some snow peas, for sure.*

So we'll end up with a rectangular bed, about 8 feet long and 3-4 feet wide. At one end, two bean poles with sugar snap and snow peas on them. At the other end, haricot vert. In the middle, tomatoes, herbs, and peppers. And along the edges, herbs. Basil, Sage, parsley, chives, etc. I'm planning to put perennial herbs into the large bed with the junipers, alongside the blueberry bushes and underplanting the raspberries. So no need to put them into the raised bed. Only annuals in the raised bed!

*One thing that confirmed recent news reports and buzz among gardeners: over at Pinetree Gardens (, not to be confused with, which is a site that I think is piggybacking the name) they have a special notice up saying that due to overwhelming demand they have a ship-delay of 2-3 weeks! They hired 30% more phone operators! So it's true: everyone is planting a victory garden this year.

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Miriam said...

Your garden bed seems so... so... small compared to mine. ;)