Thursday, January 22, 2009


These are my new pics. Even though Callie's great, I feel like I should keep my options open. You just never know.

I think these photos really show who I am. They say: I like toast. And: I also like buttered toast. And: Toast with butter and bananas on the side is good, too.



SarahHub said...

Seriously, why are you letting him grow up so fast? Can't you put a brick on his head or something?

Heather said...

Ok. I am totally laughing at the phone number.

In one of my education classes I had to make a newsletter (fake, of course) and one of my columns had to be about a community event. So for my contact info I wrote, "..for more information, call Jenny at 867-5309."
The only person that got it was my instructor. LOL

And yes, at this age, it good to keep your options open, Iain.

Heather said...

P.s that lost photo is priceless. It says, "Hey. I am fun!"

dancerbeez said...

oh my goodness is he cute!!! ;)