Thursday, January 29, 2009


Things that are soooo obvious once you say so:

1. Our power is on - while across town the power is out - because on our side of town the power cables are buried. Duh.

2. Telecommuting is awesome most of the time. Charles commutes in his PJ's. However, when there's a terrible ice storm and I get a week of canceled school, Charles gets...bupkus. Nada. His commute is still twenty feet down the hall in his slippers.

3. A big mug of cocoa is more than twice as good as a small mug.


Heather said...

"Bupkus. Nada."

Yeah. I am feeling that.

Stay cool.

Fiona said...


Charles would like me to note publicly that he dresses for work. No PJ's. But I stand by my reporting on slippers.

SarahHub said...

Well, big mug of cocoa - duh!