Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lunch: Before and After

Maddie's dad sent these two shots to demonstrate that Maddie makes a mess. At least, I think that's the point. His email contained no text, just the two photos. It was as if his trauma ran so deep he could no longer compose. Or, perhaps, he was too busy reading Tampa newspapers from 1913.

Anyway, here is the before shot:

And here is the after:

I think we can agree with him that little Maddie's got a good arm. She will go far as a pitcher.

But can we pause for a moment to note her ladylike eating habits? They're practically Scarlet O'Hara-ish. She eats like a bird!

Meanwhile, for dinner Iain ate: 3 cubes of frozen food (2 sweet potato, one spinach), plus an entire container of baby yogurt, plus eight or ten Rice Chex. For lunch he had blueberries and cottage cheese, asparagus, acorn squash, braised pork, Rice Chex, and toast. For breakfast, he had toast and banana. Of course, he drank milk all day, too. Oh - he had a snack of homemade spanikopita and a few Rice Chex, too. That was at about 4pm.

Did I mention that at his doctor's appointment Monday he was in the 93rd percentile for height? But only the 55th for weight. So he weighs in like a normal baby his age, but he's a beanstalk! [in case you're wondering, his head is in the 82nd percentile. It's large, Marge.]

Sorry, Maddie. I guess I got carried away. This post is all about you, baby girl. And you make a mess. Be nice to daddy - eat your lunch.

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chris bray said...

Okay, dude -- check this: Our young lady was born six weeks early at 5 pounds and change, then fell to five flat in the NICU. Our pediatrician said she wanted to see her triple her birth weight before the end of her first year.

Outcome? Dude, she's eleven months old, and she weights twenty pounds. With a month to the one-year line, our tiny lovely human is on track to quad-effing-ruple her birth weight in her first year. QUADRUPLE! BAM!

You should watch that yogurt vanish, dude. It's just that she views some food as "thing to be eaten," and some food as "thing to be hurled for distance, like a discus or a javelin." But she totally shovels it down, dude. She has cheeks to maintain.