Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think she likes me!

I knew our date the other night went well. I mean, Callie ended up dancing atop the staff (see above). If that's not a home run, I'm a toddler.

But who knew? Apparently she really, really likes me. I know this because she came back tonight! Two dates in a week! This time, I wanted to give her a chance to get to know the real me.

The first order of business was a meal. She brought a little bowl of rice and vegetables, but she couldn't even pretend to be interested in it. After a few bites, she was patting her tummy and acting full. I think she was just eager to see my castle.

She really liked the rec room. Cardboard boxes, a stack of books (received by the staff today), and my exersaucer (where I stay in shape - the ladies like a man with strong legs) impressed her. I could tell.
She liked Buddha, too.

The biggest hit was when I showed her my etchings. Her commentary on their Dada-esque qualities demonstrated an incredible amount of insight into the artistic process.

We made another date for Saturday. Even though I'm playing it cool, I can hardly wait. Maybe this time we can play together in our pajamas. Or share a banana.


Heather said...

Cute. What will you wear to the wedding?

SarahHub said...

Your etchings???? You better slow things down...

Rachel said...

Bananas are good.

She's a cute baby!

Miriam said...

the socks are adorable. Do you think that I can wear them at my age?