Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today, Tomorrow, Whatever

Here's pretty much what today was all about. "Wow." "Wow." "What was that noise?" "Wow."


Charles was a tad suspicious. First, he was all "You're trying to take a picture of my butt! You're going to put a picture of my butt on teh interwebs!!" and I was all, "Moi?" But he failed to accept my denial. Instead, he gave me the evil crinkle eye, as you can see.
Moral of this story: don't try to take people's pictures from behind. They don't like it.

"Hey Mom: Wow." Yeah, dude. Pretty crazy.

In other news, school is canceled for the rest of the week. So many trees are down that the campus is considered hazardous.
Plus, the campus computer system is down.
Plus, there's only power to heat the dorms and feed the students.
Plus, none of the staff or faculty can get there, because the cities are desperately trying to keep main roads clear for emergency vehicles and therefore cannot possibly get to residential streets like ours where there are 3 inches of frozen slush.


chris bray said...

Dude, L-U-C-K-Y. Could you get UCLA shut down for a week?

Heather said...

Isn't it a shame the campus isn't considered dangerous when it is say, 80 degrees with sunshine?

Be safe. :)

Momma said...

ice storms are crazy! we lived through one last year and power was out in the whole city for 9 days. crazy what ice can do.