Monday, January 19, 2009

Are We Going Steady?

So. What to say? How to describe our third date in a week...

IT WAS AWESOME! But I'm playing it cool for now. Can't let the lady know how I feel, you know. I don't want her to think I'm too eager.

In addition to eating dinner, we also shared a cultural experience. As you can see, the staff demonstrated the use of a "book" while we observed. Callie is a very hands-on sort of girl. I like that - she won't be afraid to get right in and join the fun.

I must say, though, that she doesn't supervise her staff much. Here they are talking away while we conducted our "book" research. My staff was cooking, which is appropriate. When Callie and I are a couple, I'll tell her that she should crack the whip more often. I find that banging on a colander helps to remind the staff of their duties. No slacking!

That said, Callie has good taste in staff. Very smart, pretty and well-dressed.

Finally - this is what cemented my conviction that we're meant to be together. Look at these shoes. My staff is constantly talking about shoes (something called "heels"?), so they are apparently important. It would be too embarrassing if my girlfriend had unattractive shoes. Or no shoes. Once I saw these pretty puppies, I decided it was time to go shopping. For a ring.


Momma said...

what a cute couple they make! :) and those shoes are awesome!! where did they get them?!

Gastronomer said...

Silky Mary Janes---the girl's got impeccable taste ;-)

SarahHub said...

Please tell me where those shoes are from. I think Evie needs a pair!

Fiona said...

Ladies, we have to wait on Sarah (mommy to Callie) for that info. I suspect, based on their condition and what I know of Callie's recent travel schedule, that the shoes were purchased in California.

Fiona said...

Turns out that they were a gift. So Mom Sarah isn't sure where they are from. I found a similar product here: but it's not quite the same (not as cute, IMO).

Another option is this: which is also cute but not the adorable dark blue that Callie has.

Also, while looking around I found these ladybug shoes, which I feel would be exceptional on someone: