Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weather Update 3: Breaking News

Half an hour ago, this was the front porch view.

Now it looks like this:

The pear tree was at the end of its natural life span, anyway. But it's a beautiful tree, so I'll be sorry if it ends up too broken to survive. Yes, this is just one major branch. But it's snowing hard and the wind is blowing...


SarahHub said...

WOW! You guys really got hit! I think the pictures are beautiful, and I'm glad you're all safe and warm. I hope your pretty pear tree makes it!

Our snow came, too! I think we ended up with about 7 inches. Evie and I played outside this morning - I'll post pictures soon!

Fiona said...

Yeah, we got whacked. School's out for the rest of the week (!) and power is out at my university. So no class...nothing.

Fingers crossed for the pear tree. But we can always plant another. I'm planning some new fruit trees for the backyard...might as well get one for the front, too.

Pics of Evie in the snow! Can't wait.