Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a Little Competitive

Isla, Freddie: try this on for size.
I'll see your cheeks, and raise you my enormous, billowing cheek fat.
Would you like a closeup? Ok.

Your move, ladies.


Sara said...

Holy Moley, those is some cheeks!

dancerbeez said...

what a beautiful, luscious little chunk o' love is he!! i hope to meet him before the cheeks are all gone! miss ya, girl! been wayyyy to long.

SarahHub said...

He so wins the contest!

Baby D said...

Isla has been defeated by the cheek master! He is so beautiful Fiona! Why do the boys always get all the beautiful lips and eyelashes!

Fiona said...

Though we agree that he's "luscious" (because it's true!), I don't think Isla has much to complain about - she's gorgeous.

Plus, don't withdraw from competition just yet. Isla's grandmother is gunning for the title big time.