Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We used to keep Iain's frozen baby food in plastic bags. The problem with that method is that WE HATE OUR FREEZER.

Wait. No.

We hate our freezer because the door doesn't open all the way. That's because the fridge is actually a little too big for the space and because the molding around the dining room door blocks the freezer door from fully opening. So we hate that we can't get into the freezer easily and we hate how narrow it is and that it holds very little.

OK. Back to our story: because the freezer is so annoying, putting plastic baggies of frozen food in and out was also annoying. They slipped this way and that. They fell into the cracks of the shelves and behind the shelves. They impeded our access to other things.

Charles, meanwhile, watched as my pile of old Chinese food containers grew and grew. "But they're totally re-usable!" I insisted. Yes, but who needs 20 of them? Finally, he offered a solution: put the baby food in the plastic boxes.

Huh. They'd be stackable, whereas baggies are not. They'd stay nice and flat. They'd be more easily labeled and you'd be able to see the label more easily. Double huh.

As you can see, it worked. I made the transfer, and now the Towering Pile of Tupperware has diminished to manageable levels. Also, our freezer looks like an anal-retentive chef lives here. That is, of course, far from the truth. But it's fun to look at the stacked boxes and imagine that I could be such a person.


Heather said...

That picture just gives me joy.

Not that I am anal retentive or anything.


SarahHub said...

What a genius husband you have there!

Jania said...

While I realize this raises the issue of federal bail out applications, sooo time consuming, can't you spend a grand and buy one of those freezer on the bottom fridges that actually fits the space and have some peace?

Charles said...

We could replace the fridge, but it came with the house and we are loathe to invest even more at this point.

Jania said...

Isn't that where the federal money comes in?