Monday, May 03, 2010

And Another Thing

Did I mention that I dreamed (between 4 and 7) that I was on a job interview?

1. They handed me the roll, and instead of giving a guest lecture I was told to figure out which student was which and give them back their quizzes. All the students were in bed, under the covers.

2. As I gave out the papers, students began to ask me about a Joan Jensen book I've never read. They wanted me to help them parse its thesis, debate its use of evidence, and otherwise demonstrate that I'm not an idiot. But I hadn't read it. So...

3. The faculty kept popping in, watching me, frowning, and then stomping off. I realized it was lunch, but no one wanted to have lunch with me.

Things were getting really bad, in other words. But then, just when an anxiety dream starts to make you sweat...WAHHHHHHH! MOMMMMMYYY!


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