Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weekend Plans

1. Biscotti for neighbors and colleagues. Recipe by URB, naturally.


3. Plant the "Peace" Rose I got as a housewarming gift. (See a photo here.)

4. Print out travel docs for my June trip. Yes, my JUNE trip. Yes, I am insane.

5. Finish my Z-Pack. That's right, antibiotics. Why? Why not??? Actually, because I have an inflamed tonsil. Yes, one inflamed tonsil. The right one, if you must know. It started as a throatache, which I assumed was climate-related. But water, tea, etc., did nothing. Lozenges did nothing. Salt gargling did nothing. I finally went to see a PA (who was fabulous) and he said, "take these." I'm on Day 2 of 5 and feeling substantially better. Eight days of a hot-as-fire sore throat will really spoil your mood.

Did I mention that this house came with certain bonuses? Stay tuned...

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