Saturday, May 15, 2010

Then and Now

Above, our house in Lexington, emptying of its furnishings one box at a time. They left most of the furniture to the end, and those things that needed disassembling last of all.

Below, the same stuff, in a new space.

We're still working out the arrangements. But so far, it's a cozy house, with a good feeling to it.

And the light in the kitchen is just great. The kitchen faces west, so in the late afternoon (and evening, this time of year), it's sunny and warm. In the morning, it's bright but not blinding. Joy.

I have no idea why Iain, seen below enjoying his new, not-carpeted, floor (much better for trains) has been turned on his side. Note the bedhead. Maybe that's what re-oriented the photo.

Today we unpacked more boxes. Today I put a lightbulb in a lamp, plugged it in, and turned it on. In a moment, I'll go downstairs, unpack my clothing into two closets (I have a lot of shoes, y'all), and maybe even hang a picture. That's progress.

Many thanks to Iain's paternal grandparents. They came, they saw, they supervised and babysat and fixed and cleaned and cooked and ran errands and smiled and complimented and put up with all the crazy.

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Sara said...

I love, love love your place! Seriously. We need more pics please. Gorgeous.