Friday, May 28, 2010

Hogle Zoo

This week, Iain visited with Parker and Anna only Tuesday through Thursday. As a result, we had to plan for outings that would fill a fun Friday. Since we are learning that everything and anything fun can be had within about 20 minutes here (Park City? "Oh, that's nice but it's kind of far," said my future colleague. "Far" = 20 minutes.), we looked for something different.

How about the zoo? Yes, it's 10 minutes down the road. Yes. Check it out. Iain was fascinated. Last summer Charles took him to the National Zoo in D.C., but that was not as successful. For one thing, it was 250 degrees Kelvin. For another, it was hot.

But today was balmy. Even Ms. Elephant felt no need for a thick mud-crust:

[In case you're familiar with Hogle, we did see Mama Elephant and Cute Baby Elephant, but that was a different enclosure.]

While we were standing there, looking at the elephant, a man next to us (with his 6 children (!!!)), said, "Who wants to go see the rhino?" and Iain shouted "GO SEE RHIN-SUR-SUSS!" So we followed them.

Iain was, in British parlance, gobsmacked. You can look at the rhinos from a walkway, but you can also go into a cement bunker and stare from horn-level. That's a little close for me (what kind of force can break through 2-inch plexi? I'd rather not find out.), but Iain was into it.

Then there were the giraffes. At first, they showed us their hineys. But moments after I took this shot, this giraffe ambled right over and looked Iain in the eye as if to say, "When are you going to start eating vegetables, young man?"

After the giraffes, nothing seemed as exciting. We saw a silver-backed gorilla, we saw a bunch of macaws, we saw a tiger (rather a svelte tiger - Iain was unimpressed), and then we saw a national icon:

The only disappointing part came at the end. Hogle has a fabulous little train attraction, but they closed it just as we arrived with our tickets. The tickets are completely re-usable, so we'll save them for next time, but it was a bummer nonetheless. And they were testing the train, so we couldn't have a ride, but they kept taunting Iain by driving past.

The toddler area also has a pretty fabulous playground:

Iain wanted to play, but Mommy was fearful she would pass out from the sun. So that's a Next Time activity. And since we bought a family membership, Next Time might be...Monday!

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Heather said...

I love the photos you got of his expressions. Precious, as always. And I totally want to go down that slide.