Monday, May 31, 2010

Did I Mention The Playground?

At the zoo? Yes, the zoo again. See above. And below. Kind of awesome, no? Off to the right side are bird areas, so you can play and also watch hawks and other large birds while they watch you.

But then there's this:

Not one kid playing on that sucker. Not one.

But if you mosey on down the sidewalk, you come to the prairie dog enclosure:

Yes, they built peep holes into the burrow. You crawl under there and pop your head up to get a close up look at the animals. Basically, you're ogling varmints, but it's pretty cool anyway.

Iain was not impressed. He thought this was a rare form of punishment, actually. And the prairie dogs refused to come over and be cute, so I think we had to dub this a failure.

1 comment:

Miriam said...

Dude, can you blame the kids for not wanting to play on a spider. That thing is creepy!

And the from Will (on observing the prairie dog thing): "It looks more like an experiment in extra-terrestrial living...." (and him trying to put a more positive spin on it) "Maybe Iain will become an astronaut." Course, since the space program has been cut, I don't see that happening.