Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sit and Watch the Neighborhood Go By

We are ready. READY to chalk the sidewalk, the porch, and anything else that looks like it would benefit from six hundred pastel "twy-anges!" [triangles]. Charles went out on Sunday during naptime, and apparently the gravitational pull of Toys-R-Us was inescapable. He got sidewalk chalk and chalk for our spiffy new chalkboard in the kitchen.

Below, the porch where we grind down all that chalky goodness. Our neighbor to the east has an entire front yard composed of flowers. There are irises, roses, tulips, flowering groundcovers, clematis, basically anything you can think of. And we get to enjoy it from our porch, keeping quiet company with Buddha.

Across the street, our other neighbor is competing for Best Use of Shrubbery. He has the most gorgeous combination of mostly non-flowering plants. They come in every shape, various shades of green, and lots of differing heights. The result is lovely. And I hear from his tenant 'round the corner (who will be my colleague next fall) that he has a secret veggie garden planted with carrots, beets, and tomatoes. Whee!

I haven't planted much (yet), but I'm screwing cup hooks into the wall like a mad woman. My measuring cups didn't fit in the drawer, for instance, so I hung them from the wall:

Mmmm...cuppa. I think I should go start the kettle.

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Miriam said...

It is looking more and more homey!