Wednesday, May 12, 2010


OK, our stuff is off the truck. It's not exactly in the house...but it's no longer on the truck.

What a busy day. We trotted over at 8, hoping to meet the truck. No dice. A call at 9 or so informed us that the truck had broken something and might not make it to us until late today or tomorrow. I explained (in a controlled voice) that this might cause someone to TOTALLY FREAK OUT and I would not be responsible. He said, "Let me call you back around noon."

While we waited to hear our fate, other things proceeded. The cable guy arrived, and greeted us by saying "Who wants some internet?!" Then his cell phone went off, and the ring tone was death metal. Awesome.

After the cable guy we welcomed the washer/dryer guys, who hooked up our new appliances, explained the rules, and then told me that students should study hard because otherwise "they'll end up delivering appliances like me."

In a handy coin-ky-dink, Mr. Stott of Stott Plumbing arrived while the washer/dryer fellas were working. He explained our new boiler, then jumped in to save the day when something was leaking. In my ideal world, I would keep a plumber, electrician, and carpenter on staff. Maybe even in the house.

So we finished up with plumbing (boiler install begins tomorrow!), signed for our washer and dryer, played a bit with our cable, and then went to lunch in shifts. Cafe Dodo!!

And while I sat there, enjoying my orange/ginger glazed salmon, the phone rang. It was Isaac, our driver. The truck was ready! He'd be there in 1.5 hours! Yay!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story tomorrow. Right now, I need to lay my weary head to rest.


Miriam said...

THERE YOU ARE!!!!! Apparently since you have decided to move, we are never to speak in person again, but only exchange voice mail and blog comments. I want photos of the new washer and dryer... I will be jealous of their shineyness.

And having a carpenter, electrician, plumber on staff would be awesome. Add in a cook and a cleaner and a laundress, and I never leaving the house!

John and Sarah Bowes said...

I'm intrigued to hear the rest of the story. Sorry about the truck, but I like the friendly service from the rest of the crew. Hope all is going better today.

Bart said...

Welcome home, guys! :¬)