Sunday, May 09, 2010

Keeping Busy

"Today without Daddy"
By Iain

1. Pancakes for brekkie. [Brief call to Grandma during which I run away and then demand that we say "Bye!"]

2. Park. Slide, steps, other kids, slide, handholds, climbing, slide, Callie!, slide, slide.

3. Apple sauce, banana, crackers, strawberries, yogurt, orange.

4. Nap. When I get up, Mommy and Callie's Mommy are gone. They return with strange, reddened toenails. I'm sure they're up to something.

5. Books! Drive stroller around the house, ART! [Mommy, please draw an airplane. Now a helicopter. Do it again. Again. AGAIN!]

6. Back in the stroller for an outing to the Kroger. Someone hands Callie a bunch of bananas and when I reach for them she clutches them to her bosom and says "MINE!" We talk about sharing but she doesn't fall for it.

7. P'Sgetti. I repeatedly ask for a bite of pizza. Mommy gives it to me. I scream, "NO! NO Pizza!!" She takes it away. I demand a bite. Repeat. Fun! [Brief call with Grandma during which I say "I Love You Grandma" then run away and demand we say "BYE!" Brief call to Daddy during which I demand we say "BYE!"]

8. Bath with Callie. Afterwards, I am a baby frog. I ribbit. I hop.

9. Books! Goodnight Moon, Goodnight California, and something about frogs or ducks or something. I dunno. Callie wanted my seat, so I got to cuddle with her mom.

10. Bed.

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