Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Another Sunny Day

Juno likes to nap in the living room. She's not having the best time in Utah, because with all the workmen coming and going she's constantly in her crate or being yelled at for barking. Poor old dog. With her bum hip, she can't even go for a walk in our lovely neighborhood, either.

Above, Iain with his current obsession, oranges. He'd eat 5 a day if we let him.

Our childcare arrangement is working well. Iain spends 12-4 with Anna (4.75) and Parker (2.5) and Parker's Mom. He plays, he naps, he does art, he's a happy guy. And he's picking up little phrases from them. Anna, for instance, likes to tell stories. Her stories sound like this:
Actually, what's wrong with the horse is his eye. Actually, it's not working. Actually, we should hear three beats in his heart but I only hear two. Actually, that's the problem.
Etc. I commented on how cute it would be if Iain picked up that speech pattern and, sure enough, this morning I put Iain down and asked about brekkie. "Actwally, Mommy..." he replied.


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