Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

  • Item #1: Our neighbors here are great. I'm not saying our previous neighbors were axe-murdering zombies, but they held a block party and didn't invite us. Seriously. A block party with rented speakers and a huge BBQ and the cul-de-sac blocked off. Anyway, our new neighbors are teh awesome. They mowed our lawn, y'all. They came over with fruit. They said "hi" (that last bit alone puts them way ahead of previous neighbors (who were the flesh-eating undead and failed to take care of their flower beds)). Tomorrow night I might bake a cake for Mr. Mower and his wife. Because, you know, let's be neighborly.

  • Item #2: Today Iain spent the afternoon with his "nanny" (really a mom who takes care of her own son and a little girl whose mother will be my colleague). He napped. He ate. He "did art." He was a happy, fun boy. Afterward, he commented about his new 2.5 year old playmate: "Parker fun!"

  • Item #3: As of tomorrow, we will have a lovely new boiler, and thus heat. It's a good thing they're finishing up, too, because the high today was 84 but tomorrow will be only 58 as a high. Whee! Mountain weather! Anyway, we'll need heat and tomorrow we'll have it.

  • Item #4: I think Iain might be starting to chill out a bit. He is sleeping more easily, he's eating better, he's happier and more playful. He likes his new bike, his new yard, and the fact that The Mom and The Dad are taking him for many walkies. His latest thing is to say, "Iain have idea!" "Oh, really? What's your idea?" "IDEA!" Giggling.

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