Monday, May 31, 2010

More Zoo

Tons of pictures from the zoo, so even though that was Saturday and today is Monday (eek!), we're still zoo-obsessed.

Above, checking out Momma Elephant and her baby, and below the pair in question:

After elephants, we moved on through the carousel area to a set of enclosures for Asian cats. There were the tigers:

They were eating some (huge) bones, and these two disagreed about whose leg that really was. The tiger on the left won.

On to the leopard. At first, Mr. Leopard (ask me how I know it was a "he"), was busy up the hill, but as soon as Iain appeared he came down to get a closer look.

"Mmmm...a tasty snack!"

It all looks very serene in the picture, but off-camera I was helping a lady whose 8-year-old got so excited by the leopard that he spilled an entire cup of hot cocoa on her leg. Happily, I was able to say, "Madame, may I offer you a Wet Wipe?"

As for us, things are good. Last night we joined my future colleague KP for dinner*, and Iain got to stay up until 9:20! He was very excited, even a little goofy. Then this morning we picked KP up and went for a walk in the City Creek canyon/garden/park. It's a lot like Runyon Canyon, for those of you familiar with LA. Fewer TV stars, though, and more water. It was about an hour up, then 20 minutes for Iain to have a snack (he was in the BOB while we did all the walking/pushing - but he got the snack), then 30 minutes down. Near the bottom, what should come slowly 'round the bend but a FIRE TRUCK! And they even waved at the Little Man.

Tomorrow morning I depart for Louisville, where I'll be grading AP US History exams for a week. Callie's Mom tells me that (like her spouse) I get grumpy when I'm grading. So hang on to your hats.

*Menu: home-made potstickers, vegetarian curry over rice, sunomono, a spinach and arugula salad with pecans and goat cheese in an orange vinaigrette, mango sorbet, mango, mint and ginger syrup, and chocolate/pecan cookies.

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Heather said...

Dinner sounds divine.

I'd be happy to help you grade your papers. While I am sure I wouldn't know if the content was correct, I could grade grammar, punctuation, flow, supporting thesis statements, ect. :)