Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Our El-Huge-O bookshelves did not fit into the new bungalow. Because, you know, it's a bungalow.

So we pulled Charles's smaller shelves (intended for DVDs but perfectly sized for paperbacks) up from the basement and they look much, much better in the space. Bookshelves, slipper chairs, artfully posed BOB...check check check!

As of today, the boiler is done, too. So we have: heat, a functional living and dining room, a fairly functional kitchen (so long as you don't try to make cookies), and nicely set-up bedrooms. Well - I should say that Iain's bedroom is carpeted in discarded toys and other detritus. But it's functional by 2 year old standards.

Now if we can just get the boxes out of the darn garage, and those 2 peonies planted. That would set us well on the road to organization and homely bliss.

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