Monday, May 17, 2010

Mid-Night Freakout(s)

As you know, Iain's been waking up in the middle of the night, crying, screaming, etc. He's been getting calmer as we settle into our new house, but some nights he still wakes up.

Like last night.

He woke at some point (no idea when because one thing not yet settled is the placement of clocks), demanding "Read Book!" "BOOOK!!!"

I was all, "It's the middle of the night! It's dark! We can't read right now." Iain replied: "BOOOOOOOKKKK!!!"

Finally, I handed him a small board book.

And he cradled it lovingly, put it under his cheek, and went to sleep, using the book as a pillow.

??? This morning I called the JCC to change our address. I told the young man, Colby, that what we really need is boarding school for 2 year olds. Because they're ODD, y'all. Not just nuts, but truly odd.

Oh, and we have a new obsession: An American Tail. Iain finds the story of Feivel, the Russian Jewish mouse who emigrates to New York via Castle Garden, totally enthralling. Odd, I say.

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Jania said...

An American Tale is great movie. Encapsulates the immigrant experience, making it accessible to the granchildren and great children etc and so forth of those very immigrants. See February 1906 for more details. and tales.