Sunday, May 09, 2010

On The Move

Apologies for the unreliable posting. We're in that limbo state between one move and another. The Lexington house is on a truck, wending its way to Salt Lake, and Iain's Dad is driving west with the dogs and Grandad.

Meanwhile, Iain's touring the parks of Lexington, learning the relative merits of this or that slide and this or that staircase. Today he tried a really tall yellow slide, but at some point he flipped around and ended up going down headfirst.

Later today we're having a last cleaning of the house here, then Iain and I are just waiting for our Tuesday flight.

More posts soon, and (starting Wednesday) from the mountains!


Grandmother said...

Best wishes that all goes smoothly! Sorry we didn't catch up with you one more time before you say goodbye to Kentucky!

Lawrernce said...

Good luck! Let me know when you're settled!

I fly out first thing Friday AM for my Huntington junket, and am planning on staying at a hotel near the airport Thursday night. If the dust has settled enough for a visitation, I'd be delighted to see you! If not, I'll be in touch after I'm done keeping my dad entertained. (He flies in Sunday night.)

PS -- What is your new, post EKU email?