Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bonus #2

So we've got a front yard, see? And we've got a fenced-in side yard. That's where the dogs do their business and where Iain plays in his sandbox. It's shaped like an "L," with the sandbox on the south side between the house and garage and the rest (the bulk) of the yard on the west side of the house.

But lo! What's this to the south of the garage? A strip of grass! Property belonging to us, outside the fence, in full sun! With sprinklers already in place!!! And a compost pile of grass clippings rotting away in the back. Holy Garden Magic, Batman.

This is where my veggie garden is going to go. All around us there are raised garden beds, many in decorative patterns or surrounding by lovely fencing. My plan is to do something similar, but it will take some work. So for now I'm rubbing my hands together and thinking about what to do first. For example, one way to border a garden and keep out roaming dogs (like our neighborhood welcome committee, Princess Di and Einstein) would be to plant a box made of raspberries or blueberry bushes. Or roses. And then I could put my raised beds inside of that. Hmm...

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Heather said...

You always seem to "fall in the good luck berries" as my mother would say. I can't wait to see what you plant at the new house.