Tuesday, May 04, 2010

So Green

With all the rain we've had this spring, our grass is growing like crazy. It's also a nearly-neon green.

I have high hopes for tonight. Iain's lower canines have finally popped through, and I'm going to tell myself that these night wakings (last night: 3:45 to 4am!!) were the result of gum pain. If I say it enough, it'll be true, right?

In other news, today was my last day on campus. I collected final exams and final papers, filled one last box with my desk mess, rolled up the carpet and shoved it into the trunk (with help from Dr. S - thanks, Cat!), and tossed my keys to a grad student. Now I need only grade, grade, grade.

Oh, and meet the movers, close on the house, pack the rest of our stuff, transfer Iain to Callie's house, send off Charles and Grandad on their cross-country odyssey, clean everything, endure two days of toddler without daycare (!!), and fly across the country with The Moose.

No problem.

1 comment:

Miriam said...

Did you invent a time-stopping watch? Cuz I think you will need one to accomplish all of that without the day care...