Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't Get the Wrong Idea

Let it snow, baby. I mean, when you can walk across the street to views like these, who cares if it snows?

And the thing is: it snowed this morning, by noon the snow was gone, the sun came out, and we walked this evening with hats on (guarding against sunburn) and T-shirts. Tomorrow's forecast to be 68 degrees.

Above and below, the nearby park. It has a lake (a rather filthy lake, recently, due to heavy rain and a posse of geese), two playgrounds, a baseball diamond, soccer fields, running/biking/warm weather cross-country ski training routes, and plenty of space for lovers to canoodle.

So on Sunday we woke up, fed Iain mass quantities, then headed for the park. We walked halfway round, let Iain explore the tunnels, slides, and other attractions of the play equipment, then walked back home, ditched the BOB, and tripped over to The Dodo for brunch.

Later, I planted my rose, weeded, trimmed a bit, and tidied the backyard. Iain rode his tricycle, Daddy drove to IKEA (where they're going to name a parking spot after us), and then we put together another shelf unit. In short: good times.

So I'm fine with snow in May. Because this is a nice town. More pics to show that, later.


Miriam said...

Okay, that is a *little bit* pretty....

Sara said...

Very pretty indeed! The air just looks so...clean. Can't wait for more city photos. I was in SLC for about one day, maybe 15 years ago. Very curious. Also your campus too, miss. Promise?