Monday, May 03, 2010

Time: It Do Fly

Last summer. Note small moose in dress shirt. Note exceptionally well-preserved bunch of friends who once shared a smelly dorm. [NOTE: THAT WAS NEARLY 20 YEARS AGO ZOMFG.]

Above and below: this summer. Ok, it's only May. But imagine how much growth is yet to come! Climbing steps, going up and down stairs on his actual feet, speaking in phrases and sometimes short sentences, throwing massive tantrums related to his profound ambivalence about toast ("Toast!" "No Toast!!!" "TOASSSSST!!!")'s amazing how much he's changed.

We, of course, are the same old folks we were then. We're entirely content to sit around with a bowl of ice cream, a DVD, and some chums. We miss you, boys.*

*P.S. Have fun kicking GB out! What's the procedure on that, anyway? Does he just slink out the back of Number 10? Does he have to face the Fleet Streeet folk and do the political Walk of Shame? Do you pelt him with shrimp-flavored crisps?? Do tell.

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Bart said...

I've been pretty stunned at Iain's growth as documented hereabouts. He's gonna be a big'un!

As to GB's fate, it's still not clear, but there's likely to be a period of negotiation between the three main parties following tomorrow's vote to determine what alliances will be made and who will get what job. My best guess is that he's only got a few days left as PM. As to whether that's a good thing or not, I have mixed feelings...