Friday, April 03, 2009

15 Days and Counting...

You are cordially invited to the festivities celebrating the first birthday of a Certain Someone.

First, we will have
The Turning of the Carseat.

Second, there will be
The Embrace of Cow's Milk.

Third, celebrants join the guest of honor in
The Eating of the Scrambled Egg.

RSVP please
Dress is diaper-casual, with socks
The guest of honor will accept no gifts, unless of course you have a pony to spare.


Miriam said...

I will be three with bells on! Well, In spirit, cuz, really, I'll be in the land of Eng.

Momma said...

how exciting!! sweet pea still won't touch an egg. lol

Heather said...

That is great!

I remember when the boys turned one, Big Daddy made them a ::gag:: fried bologna and velvetta cheese sandwich. It was some induction into manhood or something. To this day, none of the children will eat that, besides the fact I refuse to buy bologna.

Bring on the moo-juice!