Sunday, April 26, 2009

Garden Update

Rain barrel: on 4 squares. Next step requires that I go buy some concrete blocks, so that will have to wait until tomorrow, probably.

Marigolds! Planted! Also, 2 small bags of local compost (from the Farmer's Market) distributed on top and moistened for extra delicious flavor.

Lettuce! Two more heads purchased at the Farmer's Market, and all the little ones from 2 weeks ago (still trucking) planted with them in one big pot. I put it under the back porch overhang, where it should get morning sun and afternoon shade. That, plus a cooling trend in the next week, will give me a bit longer to pick fresh lettuce-y goodness from the back porch. Part of my lunch today was composed of cuttings from this bunch. Tast-ee.

More Garden News to come...raspberries, dogwood, and leafy greens.

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